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Friday, February 24, 2012

Publication: Locating the Canon in Tamworth

Sarah and Alison have co-authored an article about the appearance and construction of a country music canon in Tamworth, Australia.  The piece will be published in a forthcoming edition of the journal, Popular Music (2013, 32(3)).  The article is based on fieldwork Sarah and Alison undertook in 2011, and is interested in the means through which certain aspects of popular music's historical past comes to be remembered over others.  Read the abstract here:

Locating the Canon in Tamworth: historical narratives, cultural memory and Australia's 'Country Music Capital'
Alison Huber & Sarah Baker

This article concerns the regional city of Tamworth, NSW, Australia, a place that prides itself on its reputation as Australia's home of country music.  The authors consider the ways in which stories surrounding country music's past are produced and circualted in a city which seems determined to record, memorialise and narrate a coherent and public narrative about its country music heritage.  The paper focusses in particular on some of the processes through which certain aspects of Australian country music's history become dominant or canonical within this narrative.

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